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Things We Found in Keuken: Umabo

Keuken is an annual food festival in Bandung. Today is their fifth edition and it takes place in Bandung City Hall. There are several food vendors opening their stalls today and we have managed to sample several outlets that interests us.

For more information about Keuken, you can go and visit their website here.


Umabo is a restaurant originated in Jakarta that is opening their stall in Keuken as special tenant. Their menu is appeared to be a mix of American/ Mexican comfort food. Today we tried their chili fries, corn cornitas and hotdog. They also sells their own special beverage: cranberry crush.

Jl. Wijaya 1/22
Phone: +6222 7222063
Web: www.umabojkt.com
Twitter: @umabojkt

Umabo Signage

Corn Cornitas, Chili Fries and Hotdog

Chili Fries and Cranberry Crush


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