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Things We Found in Keuken: Growbox

Keuken is an annual food festival in Bandung. Today is their fifth edition and it takes place in Bandung City Hall. There are several food vendors opening their stalls today and we have managed to sample several outlets that interests us.

For more information about Keuken, you can go and visit their website here.


Growbox is a stall in Keuken which specialized in mushroom product. They are promoting mushroom as an alternative source of food, especially as meat substitute.

In this event they sell Mushroom Burger and Mushroom Hotdog. The taste is okay. What interests us is their signature Nature Immune Booster beverage, made from... Guess what! Mushroom.

At first we were not quite sure about the flavor, but after a few sip we grew to like it. Overall it tasted like Lemonade (believe it or not). We really loved it.

You can find their store in this address below.


Growbox | grow your own food
CV IDEAS Indonesia
Jl. Cijagra I No. 48
Web: www.halogrowbox.com

The Stall

Mushroom to Grow in a Box

Mushroom Burger, Hotdog and Beverage

Nature Immune Booster Beverage


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