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Lunch Date at Sumber Hidangan

On the way to campus at lunch, we are planning to try and eat in one Ramen vendor at Braga street. It turned out, the place was fully booked, and we need to wait for reservation before we can eat there.

Hungry and running out of time, since we are in between meeting, we decided to have our lunch at one of the oldest restaurant in Bandung: Sumber Hidangan. The place usually has very irregular business hour (we suspect because the attendances, who are also quite old, sometimes take siesta moment :D), but luckily it was open when we went there.

The place was surprisingly quite full, with some young customers (our conspiracy theory suggest that they might be like us: hungry-and-bored-waiting-for-reservation-in-the-previous-restaurant), and some age fitted customers having their lunch there.

I ordered their Burger and Alia ordered their fried noodle (now you know who wanted to eat Ramen :p). For dessert, we could not resist the temptation of their signature Marasquino (Rum) flavored Ice Cream. Very delicious and it completely render our previous craving on Ramen to none ^_^.


Sumber Hidangan
Jl. Braga No. 20-22
Opening hour: 08.30-19.00
(Informal siesta hour: 14.00-16.00)

Marasquino Ice Cream (Psst... I think it got alcohol in it :p)

Beef Burger

Fried Noodle


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