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Coffee at Noah's Barn Coffeenery

After almost five years of blogging in JejakRasa, we are more and more drawn into the world of free spirited traveling and food blogging. Understand that we are still new and still need a lot to learn about this new fun world, we are excited to meet up with Adam & Susan from @PergiDulu, a more experienced and cultured travel blogger. 

They offered to meet us in this place called Noah's Barn. We know the place, as when we went home from Cimahi, we used to pass them frequently. But as the are is considered as "foreign" for us, we never got the chance to visit them.... Until now.

We meet up with Adam, Susan and Nindya, a blogger who also shares our passion on traveling and eating in Noah's Barn at around 7.00 PM. In a glance, the place was filled by customers who either doing the homework with their friends or having a light conversation with friends while drinking coffee. The interior was quite modern and the design was very minimalist. It is a good hang out place. The story of the place according to @PergiDulu is that the owner consisted of two guys who are brother-in-laws. They have a high passion about coffee, and have worked and studied about coffee and barista-ing for quite some time. 

We really enjoyed their coffee and their expertise in creating a good coffee drinks. When asking about their coffee, they told us that they have created a special blend of coffee from various parts of Indonesia and other parts of the world which then served to us as their own signature recipe. If you think of it, they really passionate about their work, right?

Their signature coffee called "Magic", a Cappuccino type of coffee with their signature balance of milk and coffee. Really good.

As we drawn to a great conversation until around 11.00 PM, we realized that we are the last customers to sit there. Great company and great coffee always makes great conversations.

Look forward for our next visit here. 


Noah's Barn
Jl. Laks. M. U. Nurtanio (Garuda) No. 39
Bandung 40184
Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 09.00 - 21.00; Sun: 12.00 - 21.00

Single Black Coffee

Their Signature "Magic"

Adam from @PergiDulu testing the craftsmanship of their barista.
Looks great eh? :D


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