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Kedai Ling-Ling Jalan Sukajadi Bandung

This is one of the vendors already been around in Bandung, but yet we have not tried it before. So when they opened a new location in Sukajadi area, we quickly goes there and try.

The place was fully crowded. No wonder, as to celebrate their soft opening, they give 30% discount for food and beverages, not bad eh?

We ordered their ramen and es kriuk (fruit flavored jelly with syrup) and it tasted ok. Also with their big portion it guaranteed to fill your tummy for the whole afternoon.


Kedai Lingling
Jl. Sukajadi

The Signage
Bar Area #1
Bar Area #2
View from the Street
Seating Area #1
Seating Area #2 
Chicken Katsu Ramen
Iced Ocha
Es Kriuk


  1. Hi there ...
    Salam kenal ... anyway nice review ...

    I'm so in love with Kedai Ling-Ling, I never tried to Kedai Ling-Ling at Sukajadi, but I always go to Kedai Ling-Ling at Jl. Sultan Agung.

    The menu I ordered is Thai Tea,Thai Green Tea, Okonomiyaki, Mango Dessert ... All those foods areso yummy with average price.