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Nasi Dagang @LCCT, Malaysia (Contributed Article by Ruben Juliarto)

This posting is contributed by Ruben Juliarto, our beloved friend and regular contributor for Jejak Rasa. Thank you and look forward to hear about your next article contribution bro!

Writing this short article as waiting my today second flight to Indonesia in LCCT KL. After the first flight, I was getting terrible hungry since I insisted not to buy food on-board which I thought the price is unreasonable.
The price for one small on-board meal equals to two meals on the ground. I chose to get meal at Medan Selara or Food Garden as translation says on the direction board.

Got excited for a while because of the chance to taste local culinary, which have been several times reviewed on local blog.

I strolled over all kiosks, see nasi goreng/ fried rice, nasi padang meal, beverages and breads, then stop my step after seeing KFC kiosk. On flight all the time, my mouth already drooling for Malaysian Indian Curry.

I picked nasi dagang, which remind me  of Bandung's nasi uduk. The rice was wrapped with banana leaf, then served with curry fish, pickle in sour sauce, and sambal/ chilly sauce The taste of curry fish was great, the smell of curry's spice teased my nose. the thick curry paste tingled my tongue.

Well, it is hard to describe in words.

Nasi Dagang LCCT


  1. hmmmmm .... kayak nya masih mantap nasi briyani yaaa kalo diliat2 hehehhe