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Brunch in BMC...


Happy (Belated) New Year 2013! May we all be prosperous, healthy, and happy this year!

It's been a while since the last time we posted in this blog. The materials for posting are very abundant, and yet we have not got the time yet to arrange and post them all due to our school assignments. For your information we are currently studying for our PhD and master degree respectively. Even our guest contributor is studying for his master degree AND taking a sabbatical leave to study Chinese Language in Chinese....  Talked about Nerd eh? :).
We did occasionally posted in our twitter account at twitter.com/jejakrasa, but it also quite rare.

So, to kickstart this year, our first post will be this brunch at BMC (Bandoengsche Melk Centrals). Enjoy!

BMC (Bandoengsche Melk Centrals)
Jl. Wastukencana
Bandung 40171

The Menu

Bitter Ballen

Chicken Cordon Bleu



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