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Ketan Bakar in Lembang

Whenever you heard the word "Lembang", the first thing that comes out in your mind besides their cool air, fresh milk, and grilled corn is their famous Ketan Bakar (Grilled Sticky Rice). So when Alia's college friends decided to have a vacation at Ciater area, we make sure that we stopped by in the Lembang market.

Ketan Bakar is actually a savory snack that consisted of grilled ketan rice (sticky rice) with fillings a'la sandwich. Usually there are three types of fillings to go along with: the standard peanut filling, the Oncom filling if you want to add extra spice, and shredded toasted coconut. For us, the gold standard for Ketan Bakar is to have all of those fillings together.
So, the next time you come to Bandung and decided to visit the cool Lembang, be sure to stop by at their traditional market for a taste of Ketan Bakar.

Ketan Bakar (Grilled Sticky Rice)
PS: the price for one ketan bakar is around Rp 5.000 (US$ 0.5). And two of them can substitute your lunch. Pretty cheap right?


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