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When you go to Bangkok

Actually, this trip was happened two years ago and some of the story I already wrote it in my (other) personal blog-which is now in half hiatus mode-in here. The journey was very memorable for us and we are looking forward to come to this city again. Here are the place you must visit when you go to Bangkok:

Khao San Road

I kind of forget about the name of the place, but I will just write the description that I wrote before in my (other) blog.

Night Life on Khao San Road
Kiosks and stalls along the road

Crepes & Co.

Basically, this is one of the best crepes I (We) ever had, the place kind of memorable and thanks to Novin for taking us there.

The facade of Crepes & Co
The garden foyer
Foot path along the garden
Wall decorations
Our friend Magda :)
The savory crepes
The sweet crepes. It's looking good and the taste also the same
Aswin on the garden bench


If you come to Bali, you go to Rock Bar, but when you go to Bangkok then Sirocco it is. Just go to the area, the view is stunning and definitely one of fantastic experience.
Sirroco and view from the roof
View overlook Bangkok's sky

Street Foods

Sorry for the bad pictures, but it is us enjoyed foods that bought from the street vendor.


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