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Nasi Kuning Gokil, Jalan Kliningan, Bandung

A fine day for a walk, and we tried a different route this time, and we ended up at this place: Nasi Kuning Gokil.

Located in jalan Kliningan, it is serves as a food court for the high school in front of it. Plenty of menu prepared here, but one attracted our mind: their Nasi Kuning.

It is tasted light and great for breakfast. And with additional good view, it is a great place for eating. (plus a great price of Rp 5.000,- or less than US$ 0.50 it is a bargain!).


Nasi Kuning Gokil
Jalan Kliningan (in front of SMKN 8)

 photo 2013-11-15_07-13-10_zps4c00c479.jpg
Complete Set of Nasi Kuning
 photo 2013-11-15_07-13-23_zps5283ddae.jpg
Enjoying the View


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