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Cooking at Home: Homemade English Breakfast

Watching a show in Asian Food Channel and it makes us hungry. It inspired us to make an English Breakfast menu at home. Armed with only prepackaged sausage, scrambled egg, fried mushroom and canned baked bean, we tried to make the imitation of it.

Looking at the picture, what do you think? Quoting what Captain Malcolm Reynolds used to say: I think it is shiny!


 photo 2013-11-16_09-38-32_zps8ca8f6bb.jpg
Full Breakfast Menu
 photo 2013-11-16_09-38-23_zps570e1b88.jpg
Complete Menu with Condiments
 photo 2013-11-16_09-38-42_zps57e85e0e.jpg
Pickled Onion
 photo 2013-11-16_09-38-51_zps6be280be.jpg
Red Bean in Tomato Soup


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