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Bebek H. Slamet in Yogyakarta: Asli loh!

I didn't know whether this duck is the original one or not, but my testimonial is VERY GOOD! So, if it's the same with the one in Solo, then I don't doubt it, but if it's different then the one in Solo must be VERY VERY GOOOOOOD. :) But, I have tasted Bebek H. Slamet in Bandung that was located in Jalan Supratman and I was quite disappointed because the duck wasn't as good as what people told me to. Well, after I tasted this one, my assumption is that the one in Jalan Supratman Bandung not the original one. But, maybe I was wrong, maybe my tongue that time was rather numb, or something else who knows.

This Bebek H. Slamet is located in Jalan Kolonel Sugiyono, Yogyakarta. The place is near the Pa-ris (Parangtritis), Brigjen Katamso, and Kolonel Sugiono intersection. You can reach it with Trans Yogya and stop at Joteng Wetan bus stop.


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