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Homemade Chicken Wing! Let's Try!

Got the recipe from our aunt who cooked a hell of a feast two weeks ago. One of her signature dish is her Chicken Wings which really makes us craving it for more. So when we got the chance to meet her, we didn't waste a chance to interview her a'la Desi Anwar (a veteran reporter here in Indonesia).

So this weekend Alia decided to try and cook it herself. Armed with fresh chicken wings and complementary ingredients such as flour, salt, water, etc. she decided to cook it.

The result?

Well, we would not say that it is a hit (a little bit too salty for us), but we believe maybe next time it will produce a better result. Or maybe on the third try, who knows, I mean, after all third time is a charm right? :)


1st Battering

The Batter is dipped into 2nd battering

2nd Battering

Frying Time!

The finished product
(Note that the left chicken are marinated with Go Chu Jang)


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